“These are great. We had dozens of redbacks in our garden a couple of months ago. Jimmy came,  he spent 2 hours spraying inside and out and we haven’t seen one since!”
Joanne – Peregian Springs

“Highly recommend Peregian Pest Control! Very professional and the results are fantastic!”
Andrea – Peregian Beach

“Well, the proof is in the pudding, so they say. The week Jimmy came to do the ant spraying we were busy chopping a lot of trees back and removing the debris. We were sick and tired of ants using our place as a retreat. Everywhere we looked, ANTS! We had tried everything that you can Google, fixed for a week then march on in again. I was at my wits end. We have had our house treated for ants in the past, kept coming back to re treat. Jimmy came to do our property 3 weeks ago and left us with a small bit to put down in case they came inside. We have had no reason for him to come back all this time, the ants had gone and it was lovely sweeping up so many dead ants. A week after Jimmy had been here, to our dismay, we found a dozen or so ants around our kitchen sink. Scratching our heads as to why when my husband said “I washed the car and used the bucket from the side, placed it on the sink to fill with hot water” light bulb moment. Of course, the ants were hiding from Jimmy spray, the ants were at the bottom of the bucket found a safe environment in the kitchen. Put a couple of drops of the mixture into the sink, kept clear and, next morning, hundred or so dead ants to be swept up. You guys are miracle workers cannot recommend you highly enough. We have had the rest BUT this time GOT THE BEST. Appreciate your help and expertise”
Glenn –  Peregian Springs

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